Airpulse ASW300 Active Subwoofer

Why does Airpulse, which is a digital active speaker company, also introduce active sub-woofers you may ask ? The reason is no other, it is necessary to match their own speakers to form a 2.1 channel audio system of unrivalled sonic perfection. Airpulse currently has three active speakers including A100, A200 and A300, all of which have RCA subwoofer output terminals, so users who want to upgrade to the “floor speaker” level of low-frequency scale, can now do it very easily. So the ASW300 active subwoofer was born.

In order not to take up too much valuable space in the home, the ASW300 “only” uses a 10-inch woofer. From the picture, the width and arc of the overhang of this woofer is extremely exaggerated, presumably very powerful. When viewed from the specifications, its performance is indeed excellent. The built-in Class D amplifier module can provide up to 300 watts of driving power, enabling the low-frequency extension of the ASW300 to reach an excellent level of 20Hz. In addition, when I saw the weight, it weighed 18 kilograms, which is much heavier than many other 12-inch subwoofers, which is related to high quality components and premium enclosure.

Equipment specifications: Airpulse ASW300
Type: Active Subwoofer
Monomer: 10-inch
Amplifier: Class D Amplifier 300W RMS/4Ω
Frequency Response: 20Hz-100Hz
Crossover Point: 30Hz-100Hz Continuously Adjustable
Phase Control: 0°/180°
Input: RCA
size: height 310 × width 310 × depth 322 mm
weight: 18 kg

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