Edifier’s Airpulse A800 combines the sound of the classic segmented tweeter horn, with the convenience of a wireless speaker. Each horn is powered by a ribbon tweeter, and an 8″ woofer handles the bass and lower midrange. All amplification and digital-to-analog conversion is built in. Like Airpulse’s other high-end active speakers, the Airpulse 800 is voiced by well-known bass amp and speaker designer Phil Jones. It includes aptX Bluetooth and a balanced analog input, as well as coax, TosLink, and USB digital inputs. Price is expected to be around $4000 for a stereo system.

Technologies implemented in AirPulse A800

The system is built using Texas Instruments TPA3255 digital amplifiers with very low distortion levels, which are very well suited for use with aluminum tape drivers.
The most accurate reproduction of most sound sampling frequencies. Separate input signal processing circuits, up to amplifier outputs.
The heart of the A800 system is the XMOS xCore200 multi-core processor and the Texas Instruments TLV320AIC3268 digital DSP chip. AirPulse A800 uses the maximum capabilities that modern circuitry can provide.
Bluetooth version 5.0, powered by an advanced Qualcomm QCC303x chip, with support for the AptX HD high-fidelity decoder, greatly enhancing the sound quality wirelessly, allowing for realistic soundstage.

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